Launched as a small-scale project in Talentiser, Acquihire is today a fully-fledged dedicated acquisition and acqui-hiring advisory practice. We collaborate and partner with some of the leading Internet Companies, Start-Ups, and VC Firms assisting them in Acqui-hiring Start-Ups as well as Acquisitions.

Who are we

We are a passionate team of Entrepreneurs who envision simplifying and transforming the execution of acqui-hiring and acquisition in India. The implementation of numerous successful deals empowers us with a profound understanding of the segment. We have successfully created immense value to both Startups and Acquirers being equipped with our network reach that covers Startups, large enterprises, and VC Firms as well as Investment Banking firms.

What we do

We collaborate and partner with some of the leading stakeholders in the Acqui-hiring and acquisition ecosystem devising and executing transformational growth opportunities. We reinvent the talent hiring process for companies seeking acquihire to develop their unique brand and offer transforming growth/exit opportunities to Early-stage Startups empowering bold entrepreneurs in building futuristic business through our valuable experience and data-driven recommendations.  We assist ambitious Startup founders and teams to become a part of large Startups or Enterprises that values entrepreneurial talent.