www.acquihire.in is an initiative of Talentiser Private Limited. (www.Talentiser.com). We closely work with some of the largest internet companies, startups and VC firms to help them acquihire startups.


“Being an entrepreneur is tough. There are many brilliant founders who fails but failure is another milestone in success. We see failure as the beginning and the middle, but never entertain it as an end.”

We connect startups founders with incredible exit opportunity in big companies that are interested in acquiring their talent.

How do we engage with startups.

We believe in giving exceptional professional experience to acquiring startups. We make sure that they understand the acquihiring landscape and keep them engaged through the entire process.

We assess the talent capability of start-up and connect them with strategic acquirer. We have active mandates from large companies and VC firms for their portfolio’s.

We get startups the best acquihiring opportunity.