The spread of the coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on the economic growth. As its implication, the businesses are witnessing restructuring and environmental changes. Not only sectors like hospitality, aviation, retail are taking the lead but the impact is also visible in the Startup domain. Layoffs, a tough decision and unavoidable at this time, are what several companies and Startups are opting for. This can be an emotional experience for both the employees and employers.

Outplacement is an option taken by most responsible organisations for their impacted employees which communicates a strong message to help the employees during the most challenging and vulnerable times.

Our outplacement services are designed to offer essential support for your organisation and employees. We help create a customised outplacement strategy that fits best for your organisation.

Some of our recent Outplacements work:

  • A german ecommerce Startup that closed tech centre in India
  • Big Tech Logistics Firm in Bangalore impacted by Covid
  • Advised Large SAAS start up in Bangalore to place their talent due to redundancy exercise.
  • Advised an Fintech firm in Gurgaon for their talent placement
  • Advised a big TravelTech Firm for their Talent Placement

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